Arizona, with some smart meters installed, is examining its rules for utilities governing customer information in light of privacy and confidentiality concerns related to smart meters.

Comments of the Mission:data Coalition before the Arizona Corporation Commission on Docket No. RU-00000A-14-0014 (Nov 7th, 2014)


Colorado has revisited its basic rules governing "basic utility service." Electronic access to customers and their designees are required.

Following our informal comments on 7/11/2014 regarding consent forms (e.g., we supported an electronic option and elimination of an archaic requirement for a Colorado address for process serving), Mission:data supported third party access and streamlined consent (Sept 15th, 2014)

Mission:data comments on Xcel's application #15A-0789E regarding data access and privacy (Nov 5th, 2015)

Settlement agreement with Xcel, in which Xcel states Green Button Connect would cost only $1.5M-$2.0M to implement (Apr 22nd, 2016), and the Motion to Approve Settlement (Apr 22nd, 2016)


Maryland began Public Conference 44 on "transforming Maryland's electric distribution systems to ensure that electric service is customer-centered, affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable in Maryland." 

Mission:data comments on maximizing AMI's benefits for Maryland ratepayers (Oct 28th, 2016)


Massachusetts's Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is proposing to require utilities to develop grid modernization plans that "achieve advanced metering functionality" within 3 years.  The DPU proposes to address in a separate proceeding, timing TBD, "privacy and access to meter data" (p.4).

Mission:data comments highlighting how data access will help achieve the Department's goals (Jan 17th, 2014).


North Carolina's utilities - Duke Progress, Duke Carolinas and Dominion North Carolina Power filed smart grid deployment plans on October 1st, 2014 in docket E-100, sub 141 per Commission Rule R8-60.1, "Smart Grid Technology Plan."

Mission:data's letter to the NCUC encouraging the Commission to consider data access as a critical criterion of assessing the utilities' smart grid deployments' success (Jan 9th, 2015)


Pennsylvania has about 7 million smart meters. Like Illinois, retail electric generation suppliers (EGSs) need access to their customers' meter information. Act 129, passed by the state legislature in 2008, states that smart meter information must be available not only to EGSs but also to third parties authorized by the customer. 

Mission:data's comments in Docket No. M-2009-2092655 regarding "Submission of the Electronic Data Exchange Working Group's Web Portal Working Group's Solution Framework for Historical Interval Usage and Biling Quality Interval Use" (May 26, 2015).

Comments in Docket No. M-2009-2092655 regarding the Electronic Data Exchange Working Group (EDEWG) Technical Implementation Standard (May 2, 2016)


Texas's Smart Meter Texas website allows (in theory) any user with a smart meter (virtually all residential, and the majority of commercial customers) to view their 24-hour lagged meter data. Third party access has been challenging due to poor technical support of SMT. The Commission investigated these issues (but did not make any ruling) in Project #42786. Subsequently, two dockets were created that will result in rulings: Project #46206, "Rulemaking regarding governance, performance and funding of Smart Meter Texas" and Project #46204, "Rulemaking regarding third party authorization to access Smart Meter Texas data."

The PUC solicited input Smart Meter Texas governance; Mission:data responded (Oct 8th, 2014).

Staff requested price quotes on five different scenarios for SMT operations. ERCOT and the Joint Development Operating Agreement (JDOA) utilities responded. Mission:data replied with comments that, regardless of governance, SMT's technical shortfalls must be remedied (April 1st, 2016).

Presentations at the Joint RMS/WMS Workshop at ERCOT (July 24th, 2015)

Presentations at the Joint RMS/WMS Workshop at ERCOT (Oct 16th, 2015)

Project #46206, Mission:data comments on staff straw proposal (Nov 4th, 2016)

Project #46206, Mission:data reply comments on staff straw proposal (Nov 18th, 2016)