Michael Murray, President of Lucid Design plays a very unique role of having technical expertise in applying large scale energy data platforms and selling services to customers around the United States. His ability to communicate technical details to a non-technical audience has proven to be exceptionally helpful in working with policymakers across the United States. In addition, by successfully leading a company, Michael has the practical expertise and valuable industry contacts to organize partner companies in communicating the benefits of data access to any state.


Jim Hawley, Principal and California Practice Leader of Dewey Square Group

Jim helps the firm’s clients to develop and implement government relations strategies, working closely with the California legislature and with agencies such as the Energy Commission and Public Utilities Commission. He is a recognized expert on the emerging growth technology sector and innovation issues related to sectors such as clean energy and Smart Grid.  Prior to joining Dewey Square, Jim was Senior Vice President and General Counsel for TechNet, the bipartisan network of CEOs to promote technology-led innovation.  He led TechNet’s work on legislation establishing California’s smart grid strategy, as well as its privacy-related legislation related to the use of information by utilities, contractors and third parties.  Jim earned his JD from Georgetown University and his BA from Amherst College, magna cum laude.


Tony Brunello, Executive Director of the GreenTech Leadership Group is focused on enabling cutting edge products and services related to energy-saving consumer electronics, energy data, green buildings and cap and trade markets to be successful. Prior to his current positions, Tony was a Deputy Secretary for the State of California overseeing energy and climate change activities in the California Energy Commission and other entities working on renewable energy and grid planning, electronics efficiency standards, the cap and trade market and other programs. Tony also has extensive experience in the public and private sector working in Washington DC and around the globe with the World Bank, Pew Charitable Trusts and U.S. Government finding sustainable solutions to difficult problems. He received his M. Sc. at University College London in Resource Economics and his B.A at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Economics and Environmental Studies.